Cadence 2007z

March 2007

Following the success of the jazz band Outland at our previous summer exhibition at Gravelly Barn, we were inspired to move into performance-style work, creating a fusion of art and music. The evening offered something different and unexpected, high on art, images, performance, sound, spontaneity and improvisation. The perfect venue was found in a deconsecrated church, St Nicholas, in Great Munden.  ‘Cadence’ means  rhythm; measure of rhythm; a chord progression that comes at the closing of a musical phrase.
The group consisted of 9 artists. Whilst the music was played, images were projected on to the walls and three canvases were painted. A journey was travelled, three suites of music were composed to create rural, suburbia and urban environments. It was an amazing experience, resulting in an intellectual and dynamic interaction of differing art forms, which was professionally staged and performed.
Exhibitors: Glynnis Bainbridge, Jane Davalle, Josh Clark, Irene Robson, Andrew Willson, Debby Cozins, Peer Towers and Ed Hutchings.

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