Summer 2006

Gravelly Barn 2006d

August 25-27

We decided to plan the event over the August Bank Holiday weekend and to also include music. We had 16 exhibitors, including 4 tutors from Ware College. The exhibition opened on the Saturday and in the evening Outland, a contemporary jazz music group, played to an audience of 100 people in the garden.
ver the weekend we had 450 visitors and this enabled us to raise £1,910 for charity. This was shared between The Norma Adams Tribute Fund at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Isabel Hospice, St. Claire’s Hospice, The North London Hospice, and Keetch Cottage Children’s Hospice.
Exhibitors: Glynnis Bainbridge, Jane Davalle, Chris Davalle, Josh Clark, Irene Robson, Claire Noble, Caroline Avey, Andrew Willson, Debby Cozins, Carolyn Perry, Sara Saunders, Peer Towers, Ed Hutchings, Ann Smith, Tricia Lilley, Caroline Rinaldi, Barbara Martin, Tessa Noble, Emily Davalle and George Davalle

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