Vision Matters 2020

Our fantastically popular 12-inch canvas charity event is back for 2020. Buy a blank canvas for £10 and create your masterpiece in any medium that takes your fancy: paint, crayon, chalk, photography, collage, knitting, sculpture…the list is as diverse as your imagination. All canvases will be on sale for £45 at the Vision Matters exhibition from July 3 – 12.
Canvases on sale now:
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Double success at Gravelly Barn

We are delighted to announce  the total amounts raised for charities at our two recent events.  The Awesome Autumn Art exhibition in September raised an amazing £2,400 while the Andy Brush Quartet jazz evening added a further £1,300. What a fantastic result and we are so grateful to all those who came along and helped behind the scenes. 
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Meet Barney, our sponsored guide dog

Over the past couple of years we have been raising money to name a guide dog. Thanks to everyone’s generosity and a lot of hard work we have now raised the £5,000 that enables  us to choose a name for this lovely dog … and Barney seemed  an obvious choice!
He has just turned one and will soon be moving on to the next phase of his training. 
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Magawa – helping to save lives


Last year Gravelly Barn sponsored a Hero Rat called Magawa after Jane and Chris travelled to Cambodia. This amazing rat helps to clear mines and explosives from vast areas of the country that have, and continue, to kill and maim thousands of people in this poor country.

Twinning our toilet

What better way to use some of the thousands of pounds raised here at Gravelly Barn than to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Millions of people throughout the world do not have access to a clean, functioning toilet so we are delighted to sponsor one in the Republic of Congo.
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